3 Ways for How to Make Edibles Work Better

By Cannademy Staff Writer
Do you ever wonder if you are getting everything you should from your cannabis edibles?  Perhaps you need advice on edibles for beginners, as you are not sure what to expect. 

Or maybe you are an experienced cannabis user who is just not getting the results from edibles you had hoped for. 

Or most commonly, you might be having troubles figuring out just how much you should eat.

No worries.  There is a learning curve to how to take edibles for beginners.  But even regular cannabis users may or may not understand the best ways of how to make edibles work better for their own personal needs.

And that really is what it is all about when it comes to cannabis edibles: everyone’s personal edibles needs are different.

What works best for one person, may or may not work best for another.

Likewise, the techniques and factors to explore when we talk about how to make edibles work better will be the same for everyone, but how they are applied will be quite different.

How to make edibles work better for you:

A lot of factors go into making the perfect cannabis edibles.  However, these 3 considerations are most important when it comes to how to make edibles work better for you personal needs.  Or the needs of whoever is consuming the edible.

1. The dosage must be correct for the person consuming the edible.  

A lot of variables come into play with edibles.  Most importantly the strength of the cooking material and the tolerance level of the person eating the food can make or break an edibles experience.

 The cooking and cannabis dosage courses here at Cannademy show you how to customize the edibles you create for the effects you need. Every time you cook with marijuana.  It can take a little time to get your perfect dosage dialed in, but when you do, the results can literally be life changing (we know because our students tell us this all the time).

2. The edibles have to taste good.  

If you don’t want to eat them, you won’t get any benefits from your edibles because edibles sitting on the counter or in the fridge are not helping anyone.

We recently updated our Cannabis Cooking course with a brand new module covering most people’s #1 complaint about edibles: the flavor.  We’ve included lots of tips and tricks to improve the taste of cannabis edibles so that you’ll actually look forward to eating the edibles you make (although watch out for portion control and dosing!).  And not just cookies, brownies, and gummies, you can medicate most ANY recipe with cannabis.

3. The cannabis must be properly prepared and handled.  

If you (or whoever made your edibles) fail to properly decarboxylate plant material, whether cooking with THC or CBD, your edibles will lack potency and effectiveness.  The same goes if your temperatures get too hot.  Cannademy's Cannabis Cooking Course covers all the temperature considerations you need to take into account, along with what decarboxylation is, why you need it, and how to do it for maximum potency in your finished edibles.

If you take these 3 points into consideration each time you cook with cannabis, you'll most of the way, if not all of the way, there to making perfect edibles.

Cannademy Staff Writer

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