Cannabis Certificates From Cannademy 

By Cannademy Staff Writer
A lot of folks have been asking for cannabis certificates to show they completed the courses at Cannademy.  We recently added this feature and now students who complete the online cannabis courses at Cannademy will receive a cannabis certificate of completion, a cannabis diploma if you will.

What can I do with the cannabis certificate?

Why might you want such a certificate of graduation?  There could be many reasons but some of the most popular include:

  • To keep yourself accountable:  Life happens and other things can take up your time.  When you have lifetime access to a course like you do with Cannademy’s online cannabis courses, it’s easy for it to get buried among other tasks.  Having the goal of completing the course and earning the Cannabis Diploma by a certain date will keep you on track to learning and stop procrastination.  It will also give you confidence in your level of knowledge.
  • To show a potential employer: At this point there are no accredited cannabis schools so the value of a certificate from any school including this one by employers is somewhat questionable.  That said, the certificate does show you have a certain level of knowledge and that you took the initiative to learn more about the subject. So bottom line, it can’t hurt. If a potential employer wants to ask about what is covered in the course, feel free to give them our contact info.  We are always happy to answer any questions.
  • To validate knowledge to peers: If you pay attention in any of Cannademy’s Cannabis Certificate courses, you will know so much about the topic of marijuana, you will come across as an expert to your friends and family.  The course graduation certificate shows you actually took the time to learn about this topic and gain proficiency with it.  In other words, you will be able to show that you took the time to learn about what you are talking about before opening your mouth, unlike the majority of the rest of the population talking about and passing judgement on cannabis.

Cannabis Certificates of Completion are course extras that will be important to some folks, but not at a priority for others.  And of course, it completely optional.  So if you don’t care about online course certificates, that’s fine and have a great day.  You will still learn a LOT with or without getting the certificate. But if you would like a cannabis certificate from the courses you complete, that is now available.

cannabis certificate
Cannabis Certificate of Completion

How do I get my Graduation Cannabis Certificate?


When you have marked each and every lesson in a course, the certificate will be automatically issued to you.  In order for this to happen, you MUST click the “COMPLETE and CONTINUE” button at the end of each lesson and section of the course.  Find the button in the upper right of your screen when taking the course.

How do we monitor the progress?

Could you cheat and mark lessons complete that you didn’t actually watch?  You could.  But you would only be cheating yourself. 

Take the course.  It is worth it.

As an online course creator ourselves, we also take a lot of online courses.  Even when watching subjects that we think we know well, we often pick up something new and/or cement more challenging concepts in the brain.  We know the same will happen for you with lessons in Cannademy’s online cannabis courses.

Happy studying!

Cannademy Staff Writer

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