7 Ways Professional Cannabis Chefs Can Increase Their Income

By Cheri Sicard

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Money is tight everywhere.  If you are a chef or freelance culinary professional, you are no doubt always searching for ways to increase your demand and bottom line.

Whether publicly or privately, chefs all over the country are adding edibles and cannabis cuisine to their offerings.  Of course the ability to do so legally will depend on where you are doing business as things vary drastically from state to state.

That said, beyond the obvious starting of an edibles company, which can come with big startup costs, creative culinary professionals who have added cannabis cooking to their professional resumes have found some interesting and outside the box ways to make that knowledge pay for itself.

Here are 7 ideas that professional cannabis chefs use to monetize their knowledge:

  • Create Private Events: These could be infused dinners, cannabis mocktail parties, movie or comedy nights, or any other fun event you can dream up.
  • Teach cannabis cooking classes – people love to take cooking classes but interest goes up when you teach people edibles recipes.
  • If you can write, consider developing your own signature cannabis recipes or cookbooks.
  • A lot of medical marijuana patients could benefit from coaching, especially about edibles.
  • One enterprising chef I know is doing well creating custom edibles for her private clients.  They get things they like to eat, dosed according to their needs.
  • This same chef offers her customers ready-made infusions like cannaoil and cannabutter so they can easily create their own edibles.
  • Another successful culinary entrepreneur I know who sell jams, jellies, and sauces, is in the process of recreating her line in infused versions.  Would your specialty work with a Mary Jane makeover?

These are just some of the idea culinary professionals can use to up their bottom lines.

 While it is not a business course and you should consult the laws in your areas before doing any kind of business there, Cannademy's online  Cannabis Cooking Course  will give you the cannabis culinary knowledge to make effective and great tasting edibles of all kinds.

 Enroll in Cannabis Cooking School at Cannademy and learn this invaluable skill for the comfort and privacy of home.  You'll soon see that green cooking can definitely bring you more green!

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