Why Marijuana Classes Online Are Better Than Cannabis Universities

By Cheri Sicard

Which is more effective for the student, marijuana classes taken online, or in person?  

I have taken and taught marijuana classes both ways.  To my mind, online learning wins hands down.

Over the years I have gotten emails from people who say that would LOVE to take my cannabis cooking classes or my DIY cannabis topicals classes, and to please let them know when I will be traveling to their areas. 

I always tell these folks that I can’t possibly travel everywhere (much as I might like to) and that there is no need to wait to take my classes.  I then point them towards my comprehensive online courses here at Cannademy. 

Some people, however, remain skeptical that they will get as much out of the online course as they would a live in person school for cannabis. 

Not so!  In fact, I know that when it comes to actually learning and implementing cannabis skills, the online courses offer so much more. 

If you are looking for a college for cannabis, look no further than your computer or smart phone!

Now I am the last person in the world to put down my own live cannabis classes.  They are awesome, if I do say so myself, and everyone has lots of fun and yes they do learn a lot. 

However, for the pure value of how much you can learn and how you will retain and refer back to that information, my marijuana classes online beat the live and in person events hands down.  For MANY reasons.  Let’s explore.

Why Online Marijuana Courses Are Better Than a Live School for Cannabis

  • Instructors have as much time as needed to teach the subject well.  At a live event, the instructor is constrained by the needs of the event producer, who may have other classes and activities to present.  The event producer is in turn limited by the venue which is rented for a specific amount of time, and if we take more time, it costs the producer money.  When short for time, some things get cut short or omitted.  With the online courses, however, instructors can take as much time as needed to fully cover a topic, so that you understand it fully and get good results the first time you try to make edibles, or topicals, or understand the nuances of this wonderful yet complicated plant called cannabis.
  • The online course gives you ongoing direct access to the instructor for questions, trouble shooting, or problem solving.  The email you get is not a form, it is a direct way to ask your Cannademy instructor for help anytime you need it or anytime you are unclear about anything.
  • The online course will keep you updated on new techniques and innovations as you get free access to any future upgrades.  The world of cannabis is changing all the time.  When you go to a live seminar it is over when the seminar ends.  With Cannademy’s online marijuana courses however, you get lifetimes access to the courses, INCLUDING any future upgrades.  And we do upgrade the courses on a regular basis.
  • You have more time to learn.  Instead of trying to absorb everything about a complicated subject in a short time at live cannabis classes, the online marijuana classes allow you to learn at your speed and take all the time you need. 
  • You do not have to travel anywhere at all. You can take the online marijuana courses anytime, from anywhere there is an internet connection.  You can even learn in your bathrobe from the comfort of home.
  • The instructor does not have to travel at all. By teaching online, cannabis teachers can reach more students, worldwide, than could ever be possible with in person classes.  And those lack of travel expenses often translate into lower overall costs of cannabis education.
  • You learn at YOUR pace.  You know how in just about every class you have ever taken, no matter the topic, there is always that one annoying student who wastes the entire group’s time by asking stupid question after stupid question?  That never happens in online courses.  That student is still welcome to ask away, but the entire group will not slowed by it, because each and every student can learn at a pace that is comfortable for them.
  • Marijuana classes online are private and discreet.  Because you take the courses where YOU choose, nobody else ever need know, unless you want them to.

Without a doubt, live cannabis classes can provide a fun and social atmosphere in which you will learn some things.  But online courses are far more effective if the goal is proficiency, success, and mastery of a topic.

Check out all of Cannademy's online cannabis courses here.  To get a FREE taste of what we have to offer, take my FREE edibles dosing course that will show you how to use an ordinary calculator to discover how many mg of THC (or CBD ) are in your homemade edibles.

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