5 Reasons Why an Edibles Dosage Calculator is Important

By Cheri Sicard

Do you really need a cannabis edibles dosage calculator to successfully make marijuana edibles?  Yes and no.

If you hope to have edibles success and make edibles that deliver what you need them to, then calculating dosage is absolutely essential.  There's no way around that.  However, you can do this without a special cannabis edible dosage calculator.  Cannademy's FREE dosing class shows you how to do it with an ordinary calculator.

5 reasons why your DIY edibles and topicals need Cannademy's dosage calculators

While you can calculate dosage without a special THC calculator, there are big advantages to using one. Of course, we humbly think ours is the best edible calculator.

Here are 5 big reasons it's worth investing $5.00 in Cannademy's edible dosage calculators:

  1. Edibles dosage calculators make it a whole lot quicker and easier than using a regular calculator.  And since the best THC calculator costs just $5.00, the convenience is worth it.
  2. Besides making your edibles (or topicals) calculations quick and easy, cannabis dosage calculators also make it quick and easy to make adjustments to the dosage.  With a few clicks, you can see how the per serving dosage changes by either adding or subtracting amounts of cannabis, or by using cannabis of different strengths.  In doing so you ensure you always make edibles that will deliver the effects that you personally need.
  3. The calculators will show you you how much you need to adjust your recipes to get the cannabis dose you need, depending on the strength of the cannabis you are using at any given time.
  4. Cannademy's dosage calculators include a class on how to discover your ideal cannabis dosage, cause all those numbers and calculations don't mean anything if you don't know what you need.
  5. Cannademy's cannabis dosage calculators come with an online class that teaches you how to accurately estimate the THC percentage in your cannabis so that you can use the calculators to calculate per serving edibles dosages even if your cannabis has not been lab tested.

Why you should not be lazy about calculating edibles dosages

A lot of people want to be lazy and skip the step of calculating dosages.  These people are seriously missing out. 

Why?  Because:

  • Small changes can have big effects on dosing.  For instance, if you cooked with 15% THC cannabis instead of 10% your edibles will carry a 50% higher dose.  That’s a lot!
  • People who are sensitive can get too much THC with only a few extra milligrams.
  • People with high tolerances will usually need much more than typical cannabis recipes recommend.
  • There is absolutely NO SUCH THING as an ideal cannabis dose that works for everyone.  Five mgs THC will be too much for some people and 100 mgs will not be enough for others.  Cannabis dosing is HIGHLY individualized.
  • Improper dosing, either too much or not enough, wastes cannabis by not delivering it to its potential.
  • Improper dosing is the #1 reason people get turned off to cannabis edibles.  Too much and they have an unpleasant experience.  Too little and they think edibles don’t work for them.  Both scenarios are unnecessary when you understand proper dosing. 

The edibles dosage calculators come in Imperial and Metric versions and include:

  • Calculators for infusions like cannabis butter and marijuana oil
  • Calculators for concentrates like hash, kief, and FECO
  • A THC tincture calculator
  • There’s even a special THC gummy calculator for cannabis gummies
  • CBD and THC edible calculations

Cannademy has 3 different edible dosage calculator apps for your convenience.  It's available in an online version you can access from ANY of your devices, or as an app for Android phones and tablets or Apple phones and notebooks. 

apple dosage calculator
HTML dosage calculators

When you purchase we also offer our "Mastering Edibles Dosing" email course FREE!

Why struggle with the calculations?  Get perfect edibles and topicals dosing every time with Cannademy’s cannabis dosage calculators!  

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