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By Cannademy Staff Writer

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You'll never guess again how much THC is in your homemade edibles!

Dosing homemade edibles is a topic that causes a lot of stress and anxiety in a lot of would-be cannabis cooks.  So much so that some people give up before ever experiencing how edible cannabis can change their lives.

That is a shame.  Because once you dial in what your body needs, cannabis edibles can be a game changer.  No matter what kind of effects or relief you are seeking.

The fact that everyone is so different makes dosing homemade edibles so challenging.  What works for your spouse, or your friend, may or may not work for you.

But taking the time to figure out what you need is a worthwhile enterprise.  Once you know your optimal dose you will then be able to create the exact edibles you need.

How important is getting the proper edibles dosage?  I have literally gotten several emails from people who say it saved their lives. 

The first time that happened, I thanked the person but said that sounded a bit hyperbolic.  They were adamant that it wasn’t.  After they explained how much cannabis edibles helped them manage their severe pain levels, helped them to sleep, and helped them stop using opioid drugs, it didn’t sound so hyperbolic after all.

Just 3 Easy Steps for Dosing Homemade Edibles Effectively!

So because dosing homemade edibles is so confusing. AND because proper dosing for homemade edibles is so important,  I created a simple course to break down the essentials of edibles dosing into 3 easy to understand steps.

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After you read the short emails in this 3-day course, the thought of dosing homemade edibles will no longer be confusing.

You will know how to determine your own personal optimal edibles dosage.

You will know the important factors that affect cannabis edibles dosages.

You will understand how making small changes when making edibles can make BIG changes in the dosages of the finished edibles.

And you will have a thorough understanding of how it is definitely possible for home cooks to make homemade edibles that are perfectly dosed for the person consuming them.

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Perfect dosing for homemade edibles is just within your grasp!

Sign up for our FREE email course: 3 Steps to Perfect Edibles Dosing.  

You'll never guess again how much THC is in your homemade edibles!

Cannademy Staff Writer

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