DIY Cannabis Cookbook: Add weed to ANY Recipe

By Cheri Sicard

Have you ever wished you could turn your own favorite recipes in your own person DIY cannabis cookbook?  Perhaps you have thought about it but were unsure how to go about properly medicating otherwise unmedicated recipes.  How fun would it be to take Grandma Sue's apple pie recipe or Uncle's Lou's BBQ sauce and turn them into edibles?

If you happen to be a chef or culinary professional you are probably known for certain specialties that your loyal customers consistently seek out.  Think of the possibilities if you could offer those same specialties infused with the healing power of cannabis.

With a little knowledge, you can add cannabis to almost ANY recipe.  And have it taste good.  And have it carry a dosage that meets your needs.

Cannademy's comprehensive online Cannabis Cooking Course can give you that knowledge.

how becoming a professional cannabis chef can increase your income

Besides teaching the basics of cannabis cooking, like proper dosing, proper cannabis cooking temperatures, making infusions, cooking with concentrates, and improving flavor, Cannademy's cannabis cooking online course also offers a unique focus other cannabis educators ignore: adapting recipes for cannabis cooking.

That's right!  After taking this easy to master online course,  you will be able to turn your own signature dishes into amazing cannabis edibles. 

Once enrolled, you get lifetime access to the cannabis cooking course on all your devices so that you can fit it in whenever you have time.     

The classes are modular and short so you can always go back and put your finger on the information you need when you need it.  You also get access to me for questions or trouble shooting. 

Check out the full curriculum here and start creating your own signature DIY cannabis cookbook!

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